Rees Architectural Services

Rees Architectural Services is a Pembrokeshire based Architectural Practice formed in mid 2009, we predominately serve Pembrokeshire & Carmarthenshire, South West Wales. Since forming we have worked with both private and professional sector clients on architectural design projects. We understand that our client’s needs are paramount. Each project is carefully assessed and with that each solution is bespoke. We believe that clear, open and honest communication throughout the design process is essential to realise the client’s vision and provide a sense of ownership.

Integrity, pride, accuracy and efficiency in all aspects of our work plus a strong desire to continually strive forwards dominates our core philosophies. Attention to detail and functionality of design are key traits of Rees Architectural Services. Our work is responsive to our client’s requirements and the surrounding environment to create relevant, functional, sustainable, contemporary design, while being mindful of buildings historic value and building pathology. We understand the need for conservation, finding the balance between modern living and reverence for our rich building history.